Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Issues to tell your kampung folks

1. Perak Crisis

5 judges cannot decide for 2.5 million Perakians. Barisan Nasional should dissolve State Assembly to resolve political crisis.

2. GST and Price Hike

Most working professionals are already suffering from no increment, no bonus this year. All hell will break lose with the up-coming Good and Service Tax. Ask your mom, whether the food prices have gone up?

3. Anwar's Trial

Fact: 4 Doctors, 2 Medical reports concluded no tear, no penetration.
Fact: Najib and Rosmah has met Saiful before he lodged police report.
Anwar - A Victim of overzealous prosecution!

4. 1Malaysia - a disaster!

Najib outsourced RM20 million for 1Malayisia propoganda to APCO International, a jewish run Public Relations Company. But it is absolutely a PR disaster when his special Assistant for 20 years Datuk Nasir Safar called non-Malays "Pendatang" and “Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies.”

5. Malaysia Boleh: Fighter Jets Can't Fly, Submarine Can't Dive!

RM 3.4 Billions has been spent on Scorpene Submarines but today we found out it cannot dive. F5-E Fighter jets can't fly because engines were stolen!


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