Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sisters In Islam or Sisters of Ayah Pin?

SIS Leaders

SIS, Sebuah pertubuhan Sosial, Banyak pemimpin2 yang tak pakai tudung, bagaimana menggunakan nama ISlam, (Sisters In Islam) tetapi sering mengeluarkan kenyataan yang liberal dan sekular, (unconventional interpretation of Islamic principles) kenyataan yang menghalalkan cara untuk kepentingan mereka sahaja, yang selalunya kontroversi (kata2 mereka, ‘the renewal of Islamic thought must be an on-going process)

"We grew up with the idea that Islam was the right religion, But as adults we faced the fact that Islam was not just."-Zaniah Anwar (Kepala SIS)

Oleh itu, mereka2 ini telah memberi tafsiran sendiri yang baru terhadap sesetengah hukum bagi tujuan menghalalkan cara untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri.

Led by Zaniah Anwar.. Inikah orangnya yang ingin membuat tafsiran sendiri berkenaan sesetengah hukum dalam Islam? Orang yang nak buat The renewal of Islamic Thought?

Malaysian Pan Islamic Party alleged that the group’s activities were “dangerous” as it could cause confusion among the Muslims. "We are aware that their approach can easily be accepted by the Muslims and this is dangerous as it can twist their aqidah, especially the young and those who went through the secular education"

Their banned book " Muslim Women and the Challenges of Islamic Extremism"? The book, published four years ago, was banned by the Home Ministry last year on the sole ground that it was “prejudicial to public order” under Section 7 of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

Memberi Tafsiran sendiri terhadap undang2 poligami.

Ramai NGO2 lain yang membantah usul PAS supaya SIS diharamkan, however, Saya hanya menuntut SIS buang nama Islam dari nama pertubuhan itu.

"Sisters of Ayah Pin" sounds nice.

Marakbah SIS!

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